Hello, I am new and I would like to ask for help. I can successfully train the model via CLI and talk to the bot using rasa shell, But When I train the model

Hello, I am new and I would like to ask for help. I can successfully train the model via CLI and talk to the bot using the rasa shell, But When I train the model via http-api via Postman it succeeds and I can load it via Postman as well but I cannot talk to the bot. Below is the yml data I am sending. To train the model I followed this link https://rasa.com/docs/rasa/pages/http-api/#tag/Model,

My yml data




  • goodbye
  • greet
  • affirm
  • deny
  • bot_challenge
  • asking_about_us
  • know_location
  • know_pricing
  • know_contacts
  • know_services
  • company_stats
  • know_technologies
  • test_demo

entities: slots: {} actions: forms: {} e2e_actions:

responses: utter_greet: - text: “Hey! How are you?”

utter_demo: - text: “The demo is going well”

utter_know_about_us: - text: “Do you want to know about Techaffinity?”

utter_know_our_location: - text: “Do you want to know about Techaffinity’s location?”

utter_goodbye: - text: “Bye”

utter_iamabot: - text: “I am a bot, powered by Techafinity. I am here to serve you”

utter_services: - text: “At techaffinity we offer 13 main services, namely: Mobile Application Development Web Application Development, Software Modernization, UI/UX Design, QA & Testing, eCommerce Developments Services, Dedicated Teams, Custom Web & Entreprise Portals, Freshdesk Connectors & Integration, WordPress Development, Customer Relationship Management, Platform Integration, and SEO & Digital Marketing Services. For more information please click here.”

utter_pricing: - text: “At techaffinity we offer different services, please if you want an estimation quotation click here.”

utter_choose_location: - text: “Currenly we are operating in 4 different locations namely Tampa USA, Chennai India, Kigali Rwanda, and San Salvador El Salvador.”

utter_how_to_contact: - text: | From Tampa USA

    TechAffinity, Inc.
    20701 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Suite 204
    Tampa, FL 33647

    +1 813 867 0014
    +1 813 693 5533

    **From Chennai India**

    TechAffinity Global Private Limited,
    901 - 902, TICEL Bio Park Phase II,
    5 CSIR Road, Tharamani, Chennai 600 113

    +91 44 6680 6565 

    **From Kigali Rwanda Address**
    TechAffinity Limited,
    Cogebanque Building - 4th Floor,
    KN 63 St, Kigali, Rwanda

    +250 788981033

    ** From San Salvador El Salvador**

    TechAffinity, Inc.
    89 North Avenue and El Mirador Street,
    San Salvador, El Salvador


utter_about_us: - text: “TechAffinity is a technology-driven custom software solutions company, founded in the year 2000 in Tampa Bay, Florida. Since its inception, we have been delivering unrivaled custom software solutions for startups, small businesses, medium enterprises and large corporation irrespective of their industry. Our Clients are different and their needs range from concept feasibility to full development. We leverage technology, our knowledge base, processes and people to deliver what we said when we said for how much we said. With deep expertise in multiple domains, the company consistently goes beyond its client’s expectations by bringing together technology, talent, innovation and the highest quality standards”

utter_company_stats: - text: “We have been providing unparalleled custom software solutions to cater to the needs of startups, small businesses, medium enterprises, and large corporations across all industries. Here are some of our statistics: we have worked with more than 500 Companies, more than 225 Million of customer reach, more than 400 clients, more than 2500 of project worked on using more than 50 technlogies. And last but not the least we employ more than 350 people.”

utter_technologies: - text: “At TechAffinity, we boast a diverse and cutting-edge technology stack that encompasses a wide range of tools and frameworks. From Microsoft technologies for enterprise-grade solutions to the versatility of Java and the interactivity of JavaScript, we have expertise in both backend and frontend development. Our skilled team is well-versed in Mobile app development, utilizing Open Source platforms to deliver cost-effective solutions. Additionally, we excel in implementing Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and cloud computing technologies to optimize and streamline business operations. With a strong focus on Cloud-based solutions, eCommerce platforms, and the latest industry trends, we are committed to providing exceptional software solutions tailored to your unique needs”

session_config: session_expiration_time: 120 carry_over_slots_to_new_session: true


  • intent: greet examples: |

    • hey
    • hello
    • hi
    • hello there
    • good morning
    • good evening
    • moin
    • hey there
    • let’s go
    • hey dude
    • goodmorning
    • goodevening
    • good afternoon
    • wagwan
  • intent: goodbye examples: |

    • cu
    • good by
    • cee you later
    • good night
    • bye
    • goodbye
    • have a nice day
    • see you around
    • bye bye
    • see you later
  • intent: asking_about_us examples: |

    • What does techaffinity do
    • I need more information about you
    • What is techaffinity
    • Define techaffinity
    • Tell me about TechAffinity
    • Can you provide an overview of TechAffinity
    • What can you tell me about the company TechAffinity
    • Explain the services offered by TechAffinity
    • Who is TechAffinity and what do they specialize in
    • I’d like to know more about TechAffinity’s background and expertise
    • What sets TechAffinity apart from other companies in the industry
    • Could you give me some insights into TechAffinity’s mission and values
    • What industries does TechAffinity cater to
    • Please provide me with details about TechAffinity’s team and experience
  • intent: affirm examples: |

    • yes
    • y
    • indeed
    • of course
    • that sounds good
    • correct
  • intent: deny examples: |

    • no
    • n
    • never
    • I don’t think so
    • don’t like that
    • no way
    • not really
  • intent: bot_challenge examples: |

    • are you a bot?
    • are you a human?
    • am I talking to a bot?
    • am I talking to a human?
  • intent: know_location examples: |

    • Where are you located?
    • What is your physical address?
    • Can you tell me where you are based?
    • What is the location of your office?
    • Where can I find you?
    • What is the address of your headquarters?
    • Can you provide me with your office location details?
    • Where is your main office situated?
    • I’d like to know where I can visit you in person.
    • Could you share the physical location of your company?
  • intent: choosed_location examples: |

    • I would like to know about the Tampa, USA office.
    • Can you provide information about the Chennai, India office?
    • Tell me more about the Kigali, Rwanda office.
    • I’m interested in the San Salvador, El Salvador office. Tell me about it.
    • Rwanda
    • Kigali
    • Tampa
    • USA
    • United State of America
    • Salvador
    • El Salvador
    • San
    • San Salvador
    • Chennai
    • India
    • Chennai India
    • Kigali, Rwanda
    • Tampa, USA
    • San Salvador, El Salvador
    • What can you tell me about the Tampa, USA office of our company?
    • I’m curious about the Chennai, India office. Can you provide more details?
    • Tell me about the Kigali, Rwanda office and its operations.
    • Could you share some information about the San Salvador, El Salvador office?
  • intent: know_contacts examples: |

    • What are your contact details?
    • Can you provide me with your email address?
    • How can I contact you?
    • What is your phone number?
    • Where can I find your office address?
    • What are your office hours?
    • I’d like to know your contact information.
    • Could you share your email, phone number, and office address?
    • How do I get in touch with your company?
    • Please provide your contact details.
    • What’s your email address?
    • I need to get your phone number.
    • How can I reach out to your support team?
    • Where can I find your customer service contact information?
    • Please share the details to contact your sales department.
    • What are the contact details for your technical support team?
    • Can you give me your office phone number?
    • I’m interested in your products, how can I contact you?
    • How do I get in touch with your marketing team?
    • Where can I send a business inquiry?
  • intent: know_pricing examples: |

    • What are your pricing options?
    • How much does your product/service cost?
    • Can you provide me with your pricing details?
    • What is the price of your basic plan?
    • Where can I find your pricing information?
    • Do you have any discounts available?
    • What are the costs associated with your services?
    • I’d like to know your pricing packages.
    • How does your pricing model work?
    • Could you share your pricing structure?
    • What are your rates?
    • How much do you charge for your premium plan?
    • I’m interested in your pricing options. Can you tell me more?
    • Are there any hidden fees associated with your services?
    • What is the cost of your annual subscription?
    • Can you provide a breakdown of your pricing?
    • Where can I see your pricing packages on your website?
    • I want to know the pricing details before making a decision.
    • How do I get a quote for your services?
    • Could you let me know the pricing for enterprise solutions?
  • intent: know_services examples: |

    • What services do you offer?
    • Can you tell me about your company’s offerings?
    • What are the services provided by your company?
    • I’m interested in knowing more about your services.
    • Could you give me an overview of your services?
    • What types of services do you have?
    • Where can I find information about your services?
    • Do you offer any specialized services?
    • How do I know what services you provide?
    • I’d like to learn about the services you have for businesses.
    • What specific services do you have for small businesses?
    • Tell me about the consulting services you provide.
    • Are there any professional services offered by your company?
    • How can I learn more about your software solutions?
    • Can you explain the different service packages available?
    • I want to know the full range of services your company offers.
    • Where can I find details about your marketing services?
    • What are the main service categories in your portfolio?
    • Could you share some examples of your customer support services?
    • I’m looking for information about your training and development services.
    • Services
  • intent: company_stats examples: |

    • How many customers do you have?
    • What is the total number of clients you serve?
    • Can you tell me the number of customers you currently have?
    • How far is your customer reach?
    • What is the extent of your customer base?
    • How many successful clients have you worked with?
    • Can you provide the number of projects you have worked on so far?
    • How many projects have you completed?
    • I’m interested to know the number of successful projects you’ve delivered.
    • What are your company’s vital statistics?
    • How large is your customer base?
    • What is the size of your client portfolio?
    • Can you share some information about your successful projects?
    • How many clients have you served so far?
    • What is the number of completed projects in your track record?
    • Tell me about the extent of your customer reach.
    • How many satisfied clients do you have?
    • Provide some details about the projects you’ve worked on.
    • How successful are your projects on average?
    • I’m curious to know the number of long-term clients you’ve retained.
  • intent: know_technologies examples: |

    • What technologies do you use?
    • Can you tell me about your technology stack?
    • What programming languages do you specialize in?
    • I’d like to know the technologies you work with.
    • Could you provide information about your tech expertise?
    • What are the tools and technologies you use for development?
    • Can you share the tech stack for your software solutions?
    • I’m interested to know the frameworks you are proficient in.
    • What is the technology infrastructure your company employs?
    • Please tell me about the tech platforms you are familiar with.
    • Tell me about the tech stack you use for web development.
    • What are the key technologies you leverage for mobile app development?
    • Can you provide details on your data analytics and AI capabilities?
    • I’m curious about the programming languages you prefer for backend development.
    • What are the database management systems you are experienced with?
    • Do you have expertise in cloud computing technologies?
    • Can you share the frontend frameworks you are proficient in?
    • I’d like to know about your experience in working with IoT technologies.
    • What are the DevOps tools you use for continuous integration and deployment?
    • Please tell me about the security measures and technologies you implement.
  • intent: test_demo examples: |

    • How is the test demo going?
    • Is the demo working fine?
    • How is the demo?


  • rule: Say goodbye anytime the user says goodbye steps:

    • intent: goodbye
    • action: utter_goodbye
  • rule: Say ‘I am a bot, powered by Techafinity. I am here to serve you’ anytime the user challenges steps:

    • intent: bot_challenge
    • action: utter_iamabot


  • story: happy path steps:

    • intent: greet
    • action: utter_greet
    • action: utter_know_about_us
    • intent: affirm
    • action: utter_about_us
    • action: utter_know_our_location
    • intent: affirm
    • action: utter_choose_location
  • story: sad path steps:

    • intent: greet
    • action: utter_greet
    • action: utter_know_about_us
    • intent: deny
    • action: utter_goodbye
  • story: ask path steps:

    • intent: asking_about_us
    • action: utter_about_us
    • action: utter_know_our_location
    • intent: affirm
    • action: utter_choose_location
    • action: utter_how_to_contact
  • story: location path steps:

    • intent: know_location
    • action: utter_know_our_location
    • intent: affirm
    • action: utter_choose_location
    • action: utter_how_to_contact
  • story: contact path steps:

    • intent: know_contacts
    • action: utter_how_to_contact
  • story: price path steps:

    • intent: know_pricing
    • action: utter_pricing
  • story: statistics path steps:

    • intent: company_stats
    • action: utter_company_stats
  • story: services path steps:

    • intent: know_services
    • action: utter_services
  • story: technology path steps:

    • intent: know_technologies
    • action: utter_technologies
  • story: demo path steps:

    • intent: test_demo
    • action: utter_demo