Handling User Feedback in Production

I’d like to enable and disable user feedback to my intents while running in production. Based on my own criteria (could be to enable user feedback requests for all users, some users, certain intents, etc) the user would get a question after each intent concerning the quality of the bots response.

I want to enable/disable this dynamically in the bot so it will be reading my config from an external DB or config file.

What’s the best approach to doing this with Rasa. I’ve looked briefly at tapping into the BotUttered event. Is this a possibility for a place to capture the state of the bot and decide whether to utter the user feedback question?

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Mhm, you could try implementing that with forms (Slot Filling) and implement the FormAction so that it checks against some backend whether it should jump in or not. However, you would have to add the form thing after each intent in your stories.

@Tobias_Wochinger thanks for the suggestion. This approach appears to be working well and I’m using it both to determine whether to survey the user and whether to present debug info for my own troubleshooting.