Handling multiple RASA models


I am new to RASA. I have a small doubt I hope you can help me with it.

I am making a project where I need to make multiple RASA models like one for Air-plane ticket booking, Hotel waiting Booking etc… there might be 10-20 different models. Now I am going to use Django rest framework for the backed part.

I am not sure how to use multiple RASA models together. can you please guide me?

Hi! Could you give me some more details? What do you mean about using multiple RASA models together? As in, hosting them on the same server?

Hi, @fkoerner

Thank you for your response.

Yes, my django application would be running on a server and I would like to use all the modules of RASA chatbot on the same server at the same time. Currently I am able to run one module at a time by activating rasa x and rasa active.

My objective is to create different models for different services and using Django as a web interface to give response to users from the model they select. thus I have multiple models and I need to host them on one server. so that my django application can make an API call and get response.

Hi @MeetGandhi , can I ask why you’re building separate models for all these use cases and not just building one bot with multiple skills?