Working with multiple models

Hello Guys,

I am new to RASA, and I am assigned to work on making chatbot models. The question is our system includes different companies, ie: one company might be from medical field the other might be of manufacturing one. So how to manage multiple models with one rasa server?

Thank you in advance…

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Hi @MeetGandhi, you can only run one model per rasa server.

@akelad thankyou for the clarification. But actually in my usecase we need to give service to multiple users. And all users would be having a different story thus I went with creating multiple models. Can you please suggest a way to implement it.

What do you mean by different stories? You can add a lot of different stories to one Rasa model

Hi @akelad,

My apologies for being ambiguous in my previous message what I mean is:

I am making a project where I need to make multiple RASA models like one for Air-plane ticket booking, Hotel waiting Booking etc… there might be 10-20 different models. And for managing the UI and backed I am using Django rest framework where different users can come according to their category and ask questions.

I am not sure how to use multiple RASA models together. Using multiple models as in if user comes to the system and ask for the service of hotel booking then the hotel booking RASA model should be called and another user comes and ask for Air-plane ticket booking then the reply should be given by the second model.

can you please guide me?