Create rasa inside django as an app

Hello, I’m newbie to RASA platform. I wanted to develop RASA chatbot as an app inside django instead of creating rasa init and running separate servers like action and core nlu servers. Is it possible and if yes please guide me through.

Hi @swtnk, welcome to the community. Have a look on the below repository. The developer managed to integrate rasa with django.

GitHub - reVIVEer/covid19-chatbot: Covid19 chatbot using Django and Rasa Framework.

Thanks, Uday

Hey @ChikkaUdayaSai, Thank you for your reply but I’m doing exactly what has been mentioned in the projects you are referring. I do not want multiple terminals or servers to be running. Everything to be manage by creating management commands and handled through In other words I don’t want Sanic server instead django developement servers to handle requests.