Handle intent as conditioal

Hi All ,

I Need help help . I have 4 action in which intent “inform” is common, in which i am extracting slot value “id” . It may be number or alphanumeric . I am getting issue when i am giving number anywhere in dialogue it is starting from middle of story and call these 1 action randomly from 4 action. Story is given below. Please let me know if need more clarification

  • last_transaction_product
    • action_last_transaction_product
    • slot{“requested_slot”: “Customer_ID”}
  • inform{“number”: 149.0}
    • slot{“number”: 149.0}
    • action_last_transaction_product
    • slot{“Customer_ID”: 149}

Currently mine story definition is like:

intent -> action -> inform ->action.

but when i am testing with inform–> action it is chosing random action that have inform intent and running

@Juste @souvikg10

You can put a story for headless intent(intent with no context) , for generic inform intent - add a story separately

inform-> utter_fallback

just make sure your max_history is not 0 in this case otherwise you will have confusion

@souvikg10 Thanks for reply. I added as running fine. Thank you for the help