Hallo from Germany.! Does dispatcher.utter_message(attachment = "") works fine on rasa x .?

i’m trying to upload an attachment from wsl2 to rasa x .? i try giving path as

myfile = “file://wsl$/OSD/home/surya/chatbot/actions/ABC attachment”

dispatcher.utter_message(attachment = myfile)

This no needs to be xml.! it can be pdf , xml , even txt. i just wanted to see how can i upload a document

Hi @suryakiran. A few questions:

  1. What is wsl2?
  2. Why are you trying to upload this attachment to Rasa X?
  3. Can you please share all of the code and explain where it is being run?

A1) Wsl2 is the windows sub system for linux. (i have windows but i couldn’t run rasa x on windows for some reasons and running on WSL2) as many youtube tutorials also running rasa x on ubuntu.

A2) i’m a master student and i would like to do my thesis on some chatbot, it looks interesting and checking out how can i provide a attachment on rasa x

A3) i don’t have any lengthy code to be honest, i’m just noting down rasa features and what can i do with it.

@suryakiran Thanks for your answers. I am still a bit confused though. What does it mean to provide an attachment on rasa x? Maybe you can describe how you would like it to work or give an example?

Hi Dunn, if student provide their matriculation number on chatbot , we should be able to provide their immatriculation form for this semester else we will display it as not registered to this semester.

Recently i lost my student id but i can show my matriculation form and can roam around the city freely as students are allowed to. my matriculation form is in pdf though.

@suryakiran Okay. If I understand correctly, you want people to be able to send a PDF to the Rasa bot. This has nothing to do with Rasa X. This is possible, but how to do it depends on the channel you plan to use

No its the other way round.!

Student: i need my matriculation form for matriculation number

Rasa x chat_bot : needs to send pdf to student

@suryakiran Gotcha. So the Rasa bot needs to send a PDF to the user. This also has nothing to do with Rasa X and is possible, but it depends on the channel you plan to use

sorry i’m not aware of what you mean by channel.

i’m actually trying as below.! how am i support to modify this .?

myfile = “file://wsl$/OSD/home/surya/chatbot/actions/ABC attachment”

dispatcher.utter_message(attachment = myfile).

i wanted to send them via rasa x only.! not with rasa as rasa x is much more interactive and wanted to give demo presentation

Here is some more information about channels: Connecting to Messaging and Voice Channels. Even if you use Rasa X, you still build a Rasa bot using Rasa Open Source. I’d recommend checking out the Masterclass to better understand this: The Rasa Masterclass

i have already researched on it and it was written it isn’t possible to send any form via rasa x as attachment but i can only send a link to it.! is it possible or not to send attachment directly without using any repo or weserver at all .? if so please provide me snippet. thankyou.