[Fixed]Send file to user (pdf, excel or word)

Hello everybody!

I need to send an attachment file (excel and pdf) from the bot to the user using socketio channel. Can anyone advise how to do this? I am not sure if I have to send a local file saved on my pc or upload the file online and send the link. It is not working using the dispatcher.utter_message.

Please advise.

Thank you in advance.

I have fixed the above issue. If you need any help regarding this one. I am ready to help.

hi MariamHar

I want to share excel file generated by pandas data frame.

could please help how you did. please share you code snippet.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @DhanrajShirgire, you can find below the code: \

Replace doc_path with your excel URL

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were you able to upload an attachment using above line .? i’m running rasa x on windows wsl2 .! i wanted to upload a file which is on wsl2 to rasa x chat bot ? can i do that i can see a parameter called attachment in utter_message but it didn’t work well for me

i would like to know whether you where able to upload a file on to rasa using attachement parameter without hosting a file on webserver

Hi @MariamHar , Could u tell the steps for sending a file to a user.Thankyou