Got an issue on Financial Bot demo

I am going through the financial bot demo which is provided by the rasa team as an example.

Here, I have seen an issue that - After the switch it is asking about the payment(utter_ask_cc_payment_form_confirm) and directly it triggers to utter_ask_cc_payment_form_confirm and skippinng utter_ask_cc_payment_form_credit_card & utter_ask_cc_payment_form_time


  - text: "\n How much do you want to pay?"
  - text: Towards which credit card account do you want to make a payment?
  - text: For which date would you like to schedule the payment?

  - buttons:
    - payload: /affirm
      title: Yes
    - payload: /deny
      title: No, cancel the transaction
    text: Would you like to schedule a payment of {currency}{amount-of-money}{payment_amount_type}
      towards your {credit_card} account for {time_formatted}?

@manoj_kumar did you updated the stories or you just cloned it and running?

Just cloned it and I haven’t update any file.

This is the file of stories for switching money transfer. stories_switch_from_transfer_money.yml (3.7 KB)

@manoj_kumar Then I would encourage try use rasa interactive and follow the process in detail, I believe that you will be able to spot the issue or check the stories for this process.

What exactly is rasa interactive and how it works?

Is there any documentation? If available, please share me @nik202

I found the documentation @nik202. Thanks

@manoj_kumar rasa interactive will help you also whilst understanding the process and flow of story and even rasa shell --debug. Do let me know if you had any further issue as the financial bot is big code.