Github issues no response

I opened a ticket 2 weeks ago and have not gotten any response except from the github bot. I looked at some other issues opened since then and they dont seem to have responses either. Is something going on at Rasa because of the latest funding announcement? Here is the ticket in question: Lock store endpoint_config has no attribute 'type' · Issue #6031 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

Never mind someone just got back to me and resolved the bug! It would be nice if they responded to say they were working on it instead of just waiting until it was fixed to say anything on the issue but Im grateful its fixed and released! :slight_smile:

Hi @tatianaf, just to clarify a bit: The issue indeed got overlooked at first, sorry! We only started working on it on Tuesday, and then it took just like half an hour to fix the bug so it didn’t really make a difference to let you know before or after fixing it. :wink:

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