Getting "none" for welcome with user's name

Hi, keep getting none when typing a person’s name this is what I get. How could I fix this? Your input → hi Hey! How are you? May I know who I am speaking to? Your input → john Welcome None hope you enjoy your stay.

Domain intents:

  • greet
  • inform_name responses: utter_greet:
  • text: “Hey! How are you? May I know who I am speaking to?”
  • text: “Welcome {name} hope you enjoy your stay.”

- story: Greet steps:

  • intent: greet
  • action: utter_greet
  • intent: inform_name entities:
    • name
  • action: utter_welcome_to_singapore


  • intent: inform_name examples: |
    • My name is {John}
    • My name is {Mary}
    • This is {Mark} speaking
    • {Jake} here
    • You can call me {John}
    • I’m {Mr Tan}
    • I’m called {Johnny}

When I include the rules I get an error. InvalidRule: Contradicting rules or stories found :rotating_light:

  • the prediction of the action ‘utter_welcome’ in rule ‘submit form’ is contradicting with rule(s) ‘handling active loops and forms - welcome_form - action_listen’ which predicted action ‘action_listen’. Please update your stories and rules so that they don’t contradict each other.


  • rule: submit form condition:
    • active_loop: welcome_form steps:
    • action: welcome_form
    • active_loop: welcome_form
    • action: utter_welcome_to_singapore