Getting HTTP 404

[2019-05-28 07:10:56] “OPTIONS /webhooks/rest/webhook HTTP/1.1” 404 341 0.000560

Hi @malvinnyahwai, please provide more context to your question.

thanks for your reply, I am actually not getting a response from rasa when I send a message to it, this is what I’m getting from terminal,

Right, but can you tell a little about what payload you’re sending, etc.?

Also if you run the server in the --debug mode it might give you some more information

Can anyone tell me that how can i make HTTP request from my website or other service to parse a message. As earlier we used the below URL to parse user request:

Request URL: http://localhost:5005/conversations/1/respond?q=hey

Response: [{“recipient_id”:“1”, “text”:“Hi, How are you?”}]

Please, help me, how can i make the above request in Rasa version 1.0.1

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I too have the same issue. Earlier I used to use http://localhost:5000/parse?q=hello. What should i do in rasa 1.0 ?

Hi @vik03, check out the HTTP API docs – the query parameter has been changed from q to text.

thank you @erohmensing, yes it is working fine.

I have one more issue, I am using Flask UI as a client to connect. But, I type message, it just return the Intent and Entities, not the text that bot should respond in return to my message.

Is there something I am missing ? Can you please help me with this ?

@vik03 yes, you are right, i am facing the same issue engines responses only intent and entities not a bot response [{“recipient_id”:“1”, “text”:“Hi, How are you?”}]

Cause of HTTP 404 Errors. Technically, an Error 404 is a client-side error , implying that the error is your mistake, either because you typed the URL incorrectly or the page has been moved or removed from the website and you should have known.

@vik03 this endpoint only uses NLU to parse the endpoint. In order to get the bot response, you’ll first have to predict the action based on the conversation history.

oh, I got it now. Great help !!!

erohmensing I have my below requirement and please help me if there is any solution:

this is my file


Now what i want to do is suppose there is a user who is not able to reach any random ip address say, Then i am printing the Ip address as in my domain.yml file

utter_ack_ip_address: - text: IP is {ip_address}

but it is not showing anything.

Is there any solution for such case ?

i unable to understand what i do when we want to connect my app or website using end to end connection as i used in earliest version of RASA. Can you please explain below alternative in Rasa 1.1

Request URL: http://localhost:5005/conversations/1/respond?q=hey

Response: [{“recipient_id”:“1”, “text”:“Hi, How are you?”}]

@daniyal_nawaz the endpoint is the same, the only thing that has changed is that instead of q you use text as i mentioned here