Getting error TED Error

While performing the rasa train, getting the below error

lib\site-packages\rasa\core\policies\", line 876, in _check_data raise ValueError( ValueError: No user features specified. Cannot train ‘TED’ model.

It may be because user intents are absent from your stories. Try beginning the stories with something like intent: greet and see if it works.

got it, Thank You… I want to start with actions only (only by clicking buttons) instead of typing. When i start the story with action always in rasa shell asks for your input -> how to do this?

I think Rasa always waits for user input to start the conversation. You could begin your stories with

- intent: session_start
- action: action_session_start

if you wanted Rasa to start the conversation. I’m not totally sure about that though.

Thanks Alex, my requirement is if i open the chatbot by default Rasa should mention Hi message.

I am actually not sure how to get Rasa to initiate the conversation. Maybe someone else can give an answer or maybe you can create a new post for that.

Ok. Thank You.