Getting error In google assistant ,when I am trying to find places near my loction using googleplaces api's

I am trying to implement ‘action_place_search’ (borrowed from “tutorial-rasa-google-assistant/ at master · RasaHQ/tutorial-rasa-google-assistant · GitHub”) to get the nearest shop based on latitude and longitude of the place selected by the user on google map

and getting this error:

events = action(dispatcher, tracker, domain) File “/home/arghya/rasa_test/data/place_finder/”, line 34, in run origin_lat = get_origin[‘location’][‘lat’] KeyError: ‘location’

How to solve this issue .Please help me

Thank you

Hi Bunny99, Can you show file and

Hey @Bunny99. I am currently working on updating this tutorial to the latest Rasa version and I am investigating this issue too. Will update you with the solution and updated tutorial in general :slight_smile:

Ok Thank you @Juste

Hi @nguyennhunai

tutorial-rasa-google-assistant/place_finder at master · RasaHQ/tutorial-rasa-google-assistant · GitHub in this link both and

Hi @Juste,

In that Google assistant it is not finding locations like restaurants near my location. There is no error .But still not finding places. What is the problem.Please help me