Whats the best approches to get location from user using Rasa Chat bot


(Muhammad Mohsin Ali) #1

im building a chat bot and would love some suggestion on how build a model to understand the location addresses provided by the user.

(Maurice Doepke) #2

The ner spacy extractor does this for you:

See Entity Extraction


(Muhammad Mohsin Ali) #3

is their a way i can use googles pin location service with my bot ?

(Maurice Doepke) #4

You would have to build a custom action-backend maybe a custom frontend to, but that should generally be possible

(Muhammad Mohsin Ali) #5

that sounds great, but im new to all this could you please help or direct me to from exactly where to should it begin with.

(Maurice Doepke) #6

See this for custom actions:

And for the custo frontend you can just talk to rasa via the http api.