Getting action_listen in intent response

I have implemented 2 intents in Rasa. I am getting action_listen as the response of both the intents in Rasa-X. I tried to run NLU as server & checked the response, where I am getting proper response. But it is not working with the Rasa X.

config.yml %YAML 1.1

language: en

pipeline: “supervised_embeddings”

name: ner_duckling_http


  • name: MemoizationPolicy

  • name: KerasPolicy

  • name: MappingPolicy

domain.yml intents:

  • dashboard
  • balance actions:
  • utter_view_dashboard
  • utter_view_balance templates: utter_view_dashboard:
    • text: “view dashboard” utter_view_balance:
    • text: View my roster


  • show home screen
  • show my home screen
  • display my home screen
  • display my dashboard
  • go home screen
  • go dashboard
  • go to home
  • go to dashboard
  • show my dashboard
  • show main screen
  • view main screen
  • view main dashboard
  • i want see my dashboard
  • i want see my home screen


  • show balance
  • show balances
  • show my balance
  • show my balances
  • display my balance
  • display my balances
  • go to balance
  • go to balances
  • view my balance
  • view my balances


  • dashboard
    • utter_view_dashboard

path 2

  • balance
    • utter_view_balance

@DhruvMevada welcome to the community, great to have you here! Can you try sending a /restart in between your messages?