Action_listen suppresses utterance output at random places when run on Rasa X

The bot responds just fine in command prompt when run using rasa shell but throws action_listen at random places when I try chatting on RASA X

It is really random as you can see that it starts behaving as expected when asked the same question again. p.s. I haven’t specified action_listen anywhere in any of the files.

Hi Gaurav, welcome to the forums! action_listen is a default action in Rasa that shows up every time the assistant is waiting for a user response. You don’t need to specify when it will show up, that happens automatically.

For the bit in the middle where respond_faq is the next action but there’s not utterance returned it’s a little hard to say what happened without more information. Checking the rasa server logs would be the best way to debug that. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @rctatman for the prompt response. This is the warning I get when I launch Rasa x locally via shell. I’m not sure what to make of this.

Similar issue and Another relevant issue

Found similar issues but not a solution to this.

Looking forward to attending your webinar on youtube this evening (IST) :slight_smile:

The sanic error looks like it’s due to an asyncio error. It might be an OS thing: based on this page of the Python docs it looks like it’s Unix only. Does running your server in a Linux VM fix it?

Yep @rctatman ! Going through other threads, I too concluded that this is a Windows-specific error. Any info on when it is going to get resolved?

Would you create an issue for it on the Rasa GitHub? We’re only starting to offer more Windows support so I don’t think the team is working on it yet.

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I already have. :slight_smile:

Github issue