Get intents from user input only exact input not based on ranking

get intents from user input only exact input not based on ranking.

user sent message. ‘i am having bone fracture, asthma. please suggest doctor’ in my nlu.yml file i have two intents matched with user input orthopaedic_speciality , Pulmonology _speciality under these intents we have examples fracture, asthma. so bot need to return orthopaedic_speciality , Pulmonology _speciality . but bot following score based matched intents it returning extra intents not related. i want to return only matched intents which is exactly matched with inputs from user message with examples under intents. i am trying this in custom action. Please suggest.

later instead of nlu.yml file i will go to large data with ML model. so the solution need to fit for this as well.

The intent rankings are based on probabilities. You will always gets some sort of ranking depending on the model you are training

However in the payload returned from rasa, you have an intent with the high confidence, that’s the best the model you have trained can answer. You can ignore the rest of the results

You can however try the keywordIntentClassifier

Which looks for exact matches in the user input and the training data

I am having issue. I deployed BOT in aws environment. There is NO authentication authorisation involved here. When app trying to connect rasa web hook endpoint getting below error. ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.