Finding Intent Rankings for New Text

Hi everyone,

I have been creating a custom action that allows for me to set the intent to a value that did not have the highest probability. After this step I have been looking to explore the possibilities of the conversation past this point and I was wondering if there was a way to provide a hypothetical in rasa such as if tracker.last_message[text = “I am happy”] would I be able to get the intent ranking on this hypothetical message given the previous conversation had? None of this would need to within the human-bot interface just in the backend to explore the other intent probabilities.


The rasa-demo bot has an example of this here

The link seems to be more for setting the intent to a value which I have already accomplished. I was more interested if I could implement the feeding a message from the “user” in through the code in a custom action and see what the intent distribution would be given the conversation thus far without it being actually typed in through the command line interface.

Hi @nat Did you find a solution to your issue? I need to solve something similar to you… Please, let me know. Best wishes Paula