Intent is always matched

I am planning to use rasa nlu for intent classification only. I am not building a chat bot. So my aim is use rasa for similarity queries matching. That is to check if query matches any of the configured intent.

So i configured set of intents in rasa and then i try to match it against query.

The issue is even if the text doesnot match the intent i get matching intent with very high confidence. Looks like RASA tries to sum up all confidence values in output to 1.

For example if i have only one intent configured which matches against keyword ‘X’, then all search terms irrespective of what it is will match it as per the current implementation, which looks flawed.

Can some one help me with this? Rest all works great. Its only when no intent should be matched, rasa matches one random with high confidence score.

Hi @code4passion! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What version of Rasa are you using? And how does your config file look like?