Formbot - TypeError: utter_message() missing 1 required positional argument: 'text'

Hi, I am trying to go through the formbot example. The way it is written does not train at all, as the messages in the domain.yml file are gathered in the “responses” section. Rasa does not understand this section. Am I missing something?
So, I have added the utter actions and changed the "responses"section to “templates”. It does train this way.
Now, When I run the conversation and I provide a non-existent cuisine (e.g. “finnish”), the action server throws the exception: TypeError: utter_message() missing 1 required positional argument: 'text' when it tries to use the utter_wrong_cuisine template.
Any ideas what is happening?

which version of Rasa are you using? and could you post the full stack trace?

The “templates” section was renamed to “responses” here: but these changes are not in a release yet. Are you working from the master branch?

Yes, I was using the master branch. It happened on both 1.6 and 1.4.
Interesting. I have just installed Rasa 1.7 on a new environment and it says that templates have been renamed to responses :slight_smile:

Ok, yes if you were using examples from master, but rasa release 1.6/1.4 that would make sense. 1.7 just released - if you use examples & code from the same release, does everything work?

Yes, after upgrading Rasa, everything works well. Thank you.

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