Formatting multiple conversational intents detection with yaml


Returning to RASA after a long period of time, I would like to know if stories.yml allows one to chain multiple intents detection as per the markdown version allowed it with the use of OR? In other words if:

## conversational
* greet OR compliment OR insult
    - action_conversation

has its equivalent in .yml formatting:

- story: conversational
  - intent: greet OR compliment OR insult
  - action: action_conversation

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You should still be able to do this but there’s a slightly different syntax. It’s explained in more detail on this part of the docs.

Here’s a preview;

- story:
  # ... previous steps
  - action: utter_ask_confirm
  - or:
    - intent: affirm
    - intent: thankyou
  - action: action_handle_affirmation
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