Force user to enter affirm or deny text


I have a story and I want that the user enters affirm OR deny intent, and if not, for example, repeat the same previous bot-message and continue to the next step only when the user enters intent of type affirm or deny.

How to do that as soon as possible?

as below my principal path story:


  • wichCheckCoronavirus
    • utter_ask_fievre
  • affirm OR deny
    • action_save_intent_and_user_message
    • utter_ask_cough
  • affirm OR deny
    • action_save_intent_and_user_message
    • utter_ask_fatigue

you can use button in your utter_ask


   - text: question(yes, no)?


       - title: "yes"

         payload: 'yes"'

       - title: "no"

         payload: 'no'

Thanks @UlisesVD for the reply.

No, I want not to use buttons !! There is another alternative?


I think that’s the best option to control the input of the user.

other way you can use form validation or slot conditions check this for more info

or maybe this

OK @UlisesVD I will try

Thank you for your help