Making Stop within forms buttons

Hi there I am using Forms and have the domain to include stop.

Stories file:


  • postApply
    • post_form
    • form{“name”: “post_form”}
  • stop
    • utter_ask_continue
  • deny
    • action_deactivate_form
    • form{“name”: null}

So I want everything to be buttons for the slots. So I have disabled the input field and the user can only click on buttons. But now with Stop, if the user clicks on a stop button I send a message to Rasa that says stop but the way buttons is set up the next intent is not captured as expected and it doesn’t work. My question is how do I make stop intent also buttons and make it work accordingly? So deny and affirm for the stop intent will either continue the flow of the conversation or deactivate the form

Thanks in advance

I started answering this a few different times with different ideas. Have a quick question first… Will deny and stop do the same thing?

Hi there thanks for the reply, no they wont do the same thing. So when you trigger the stop intent, it should give you the two buttons for affirm and deny If you choose affirm, then you continue with the form If you choose deny, then the form is deactivated

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

Sorry to drag this one without offering any help yet. But would you be able to post your utter_ask_continue template from your domain.yml file for me? I’m curious how you have your buttons setup already.

Hey so thats the thing right I dont have buttons set up for it yet because it wont work for deny or affirm: utter_ask_continue:

  • text: “Are you sure you want to stop this conversation?”