Is it possible to start a form using rasa custom actions

Hello , Is there a way to start forms using custom actions

Try return [FollowupAction('form_name')]

hey, Thank you for the reply, I tried using it but I want it to be activated as the main action

is there a possible way other than followup actions

What do you mean by “main action”?


in follow up action you execute the intended action along with another action, in this case, I only want to activate the form

Is it possible or should I write the section as a separate story ?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. You need to use a follow-up action.

If you can use a story instead, that would be great.

in followup action you it will be executed after an uttered message right

No, it will be executed right after the action that called the Followup

yeah , I don’t want it as a followup action , instead I want to only activate the form