Filling a slot throughout a session

Hi community I have one slot named course_name. If a student visited my bot and asked about a course,so that my course_name slot is filled. And after some time(the session is not ended yet) if he asked about another intent (which don’t have course_name slot in my training dataset) can I access the course_name entity without asking again?


  • User: I want to know more about computer science program
  • … some bla bla
  • … some more bla bla
  • User: So how much fees I have to pay?

So at the last sentence Do the bot have the course_name entity or need to ask it again?

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Yes you can access the course_name slot

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Hi Ganesh,

Abdou is correct, Rasa will remember the slot value. We have a good page on slots. You’ll find this statement there:

Slots are your bot’s memory. They act as a key-value store which can be used to store information the user provided (e.g their home city) as well as information gathered about the outside world (e.g. the result of a database query).


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