Not remembring slot value

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I am struggling on a concept where i have to ask customer_id only once and then it will store for a session. I am using form field to get the customer_id. Each time when action completed it is forgetting the customer_id value. I tried to save it using slotset() but no luck. If anyone have any idea please let me know.

Slots: [‘Customer_ID’, ‘Transaction_ID’, ‘number’, ‘requested_slot’] Slot value : [454, None, 454.0, ‘Customer_ID’]

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Hey @neerajb1. Could you share an example of how are you implementing the form at the moment?

Hi @Juste I have customer id or user id that need to provide one time and save it for forever until not reset . I used return [SlotSet(“Customer_ID” , Customer_ID)] to save value in Customer_ID. In interactive training i can see that Customer_ID value untill we are not executing other action. When i am executing other action or same action twice Customer_ID becoming Null , hence form is asking Customer_ID value again. I hope you got mine problem , please let me know how i can solve this.

Below is interactive learning output. When i am changing action slot value is becoming null again

Please provide your registered mobile number action_last_asking_points slot{“Customer_ID”: “971563498345”} slot{“Customer_ID”: “971563498345”} action_last_asking_points slot{“Customer_ID”: “971563498345”} slot{“Customer_ID”: “971563498345”} action_add_points slot{“Customer_ID”: null} slot{“requested_slot”: “Customer_ID”} Please provide your registered mobile number

@souvikg10 Do you have any idea what i’m missing above ?