Remembers previous value

Hi everyone,

I am trying to develop a simple bot which returns the career path for a position but for now it is just echoing back the user entity (which a position in a IT company such as Software Engineer, SQA Engineer etc). I am facing a problem. If I ask the career path for one position and then ask for another position. it remembers the previous position and doesn’t extract the new position from the user input. Anyone can help me? How can I make it forget the previous position?

this is the story

*agent.careerpath - career_path_form - form{“name”: “career_path_form”} - form{“name”: null}

Are you storing the career path in a slot? If yes, then reset the slot every time, it won’t cause this issue.

Yes, I am storing the position in a slot. Yes, I reset all the slots at the end of the submit method and it works. Thank you for the response. Appreciate it.