Fill the lookup table dynamically

Hi, I was thinking of creating a product entity, and I would like to fill that list of thounsands of products in a programmatically way. Does Rasa provide any tool, or do I have to write a code in which I write those products into nlu.yml and then retrain the model?

Yup, you’ll have to write code to automatically write to the file

@palagonKevo means you have .csv file and you want to convert that into nlu.yml rasa format while using python code? is that right or please share some example.

That would be it, more or less. I would extract the entities through an external res api, and then add those to the model.

@palagonKevo now that a new twist which you not posted in your original post :thinking: so basically, what I understand that it meant?

Not get you on this sorry.