Rasa table lookup

I am unable to get the lookup table(getting values from a yml) value from a previous response to be added to the utter_response(utter_serviceInst_model_type) text in the domain.yml.

Here’s the nlu.yml

Here’s the instance_name.yml file in data dir.


stories.yml image

domain.yml image



Also if I need to add a any alpha numeric entity without the lookup table and have it appear in the utter_responses , how do I go about it ? Also do I need all the entity attribute in all the files file above(is anything redundant) ? Thanks

You’re using the wrong formatting. Try {instance_name} instead of [instance_name].

Reference: Using Variables in Responses.

Thanks @ChrisRahme . That works!. I had to add slots in. Now if I have no look up and its any alphanumeric value for a variable. What do I do ? What happens to this lookup part in the nlu.yml ?

Also, do I need to describe entities in all the files as I have above ? Thanks again!

Ignore, figured it out. I used regex. Thanks

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