Fetch twilio phone number to Rasa | Twilio Whatsapp Rasa

HI, I have built a helpdesk bot and integrated with Whatsapp via Twilio. The connection is working successfully.

I have set of phone number and the name of person in my database. I want to fetch the phone number of the person who sent a message to the bot and greet him with his name. How do i fetch the phone number of the person who is sending the message from whatsapp.

Example: In Whatsapp
User : Hi
Bot: Hi Alex, How may i help you? ( The bot fetched the phone number from twilio and validated the number and greets the person with his name)

Can you please help me on how to fetch the phone number of person who sent the message.


@stephens Please look into this

Hi @vin0108! Can you check the sender_id in your tracker? That will contain information about who is sending the message. If you are using the Twilio channel to connect to Rasa the phone number of the incoming message will fill the sender_id field.