Featurised slots with `initial_value` get wrongly embedded in general rules

I have been following this issue for some time now. Has there been a workaround that anyone has been able to figure out? The action prediction is getting affected in my case since there are some boolean and categorical slots with inital_value that I am unable to do away with. Adding the rules scenario under stories for TED to learn could be a way. But, it would be great if someone could help with a better approach.

@sonam can you please help me out by tagging someone who would be relevant for this?

Hi phoenix

With Rasa Release 3.3.0 there was a simmilar fix - maybe Upgrade your Rasa-Version is an option?


@porti20, thanks for the help. It would take some time to migrate to Rasa 3.3, do you know of any other workaround?

If you are looking for a workaround, then work around your initial values :wink: . There is no real need for initial values when you could initialize your slots on first usage oder the __init__.py

Hey @porti20, Consider I have an influential boolean slot “isLoggedIn” and even a categorical slot, so this boolean slot is having an initial value by default and that gets featurised. This goes the same for the categorical slot. So, what could be a workaround for these initial_values?

I’m not an expert on Rasa 2.x, but strong types like Float or List had no default values in 3.3 if not explicit given. Without an inital value the value ist “None”. That should not trigger the mentioned bug. It would be no supprise to me if this behaviour is the same in 2.x. You could test this easy in a custom action.

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