Rasa x slot bug

(leha) #1

Hello. I’m using rasa X Community edition, when I open domail file and want to add slot, or change some slot, when saving file becomes it’s older version. I checked it many times, it always happens so. Although when changing intents or actions, everything is fine. Is it only for me?

(leha) #2

Ok, so it seems to be the case only when I try to add initial_value to slot. For example if I change it’s type, then it behaves as it should. However when I add initial_value, if I don’t change anything else, it won’t allow me to save, and if I change something else too, when saving initial_value will disappear. As I just tested, it happens only for unfeaturized slots, for example for text slot, everything is fine. I can fix it with some tweak in my code, but this is a bug for sure.

(leha) #3

So for instance image this is what I want. If I just add initial_value line, it won’t allow me to save, if I add anything else and then save, it will remove the initial_value line. Can someone reproduce the error?

(Tobias Wochinger) #4

What do the logs of rasa say? Please run with rasa x --debug and check what the logs say when you are trying to save things.

(Tobias Wochinger) #5

Could you please try with "0" instead of 0?

(leha) #6

It does work, but I wanted to fill it with 0 number, not the string.

(leha) #7

Also I just noticed one more thing, before running rasa x I had intents with followup action, like -intent{action} or something like that, now it disappeared.

(Tobias Wochinger) #8

you mean you are using the mapping policy?

(leha) #9

This is what I get from the beginning, it is constantly appearing every 2 seconds, although I see many models, including one marked production.

(Tobias Wochinger) #10

btw I created an issue for your problem with 0 :+1:

(Tobias Wochinger) #11

The message in the terminal is totally fine. it just show that there is not a new model.

Re your other error: Are you using the mapping policy?

(leha) #12

Yeah, seems like you are right. I’m not really into it, I mean I set it up some days ago and forgot about it while inspecting rasa x. I have MappingPolicy included in config.

(leha) #13

I just trained one so this error disappears, but still same thing. I mean it’s hard to debug something when you have lines printing every 2 seconds. Is it the intented behaviour?