Are there good examples of a bot using the Rule Policy with featurized slots?

Hello there! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I鈥檓 very excited about the new RulePolicy as it allows us to control the business logic of our bot. Unfortunately, I鈥檝e been having many issues so far when trying to use featurized slots within rules (in conditions or within the steps).

I may be misunderstanding how to properly use rules, so are there any examples of bots using Rules with featurized slots?

The documentation points to this example: However, it is not complete (ie: no NLU data matching the domain, no rules/stories using the only action action_switch_faq which indicates that the example is not finished).

Thanks a lot for your inputs! :slight_smile: Cheers Nico

PS: Some of the issues I鈥檝e been facing:

Hi @nbeuchat, I鈥檝e looked at the first issue and replied on GitHub, let鈥檚 continue the discussion there. I鈥檒l look into the second issue soon.

As for the concept of featurised slots: Can you clarify what you mean when you say that a slot is featurised? In Rasa 2.0, almost all slots are featurised by default in the sense that setting them influences the conversation (the particulars depending on the slot type, as described in the docs). Or do you mean slots of type custom in particular when you say featurised?

Everything seems to be resolved in the two GitHub issues above. Marking this as solved.