2 RASA instances interacting?


I would like to know if there is a possibility to have 2 instances of rasa where one is the teacher and the other is the student (transfert learning) and using the interactive learning module so they can learn together ?


Hi @liloup1789! You could have two bots built using Rasa talk to each other and generate training data from their conversations. However, you would have to do the work of building two bots in order for them to chat, a developer needs to be involved in order to use interactive learning, and this would not really be transfer learning. What are you hoping to accomplish?

Hy @tyd, Thank you for your quick reply.

Actually, I want to try two techniques to improve both intent and stories generation.

First is GAN with two bots, where one is a generator and the other is a discriminator.

The second is a co-training algorithm with two bots, one learning from the other in order to increase the exploration space of stories for the dialogue management.

I would be like an automatic interactive learning

@liloup1789 Interactive learning is a tool that developers can use to provide feedback to their bot while they talk to it. I think it would be very challenging to build an automated version of it. If you make any progress on doing that or figuring out how you would do that, I would love to hear about it

Hello again, @tyd Actually it is part of my PhD to build a goal-oriented dialogue, so you can be positive that I will try my best to code this model :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested on this matter we could organize a workshop to go even faster.

In my opinion, a good start would be a co-training for NLU

Well it sounds like you are the right person to take on this challenge, @liloup1789! I was a bit worried you might just be trying to build a bot and overcomplicating things, but it seems like a very interesting research avenue to explore. I am not aware of anyone working on anything like this as of right now, but you’ll be the first to know if I come across someone. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Looking forward to hearing about how things go :slight_smile: