FAQ Bot in rasa

Hey all, I have created the FAQ bot using rasa core and rasa nlu, please do check it out :

You can get the code for the same here :


Thanks all :slight_smile:

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i brother i am making a college inquiry chat bot and require your help urgently for rasa core related issue in action and slots,

If user types I want admission then Bot should ask which stream and this should get filled in slot in Action class, and bot should utter respone

from rasa_core.actions.action import Action

from rasa_core.events import Slotset

`class AdmissionMcs(Action):
`def name(self):

'return 'admission_mcs'
 ` def run(self,dispatcher,tracker,domain):

I want here that bot should fetch the stream and the utter_response will be only for that particular stream.

Please help me?

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