I need some help from rasa community, how i can identify frequently asked questions to the chatbot and store them

i am developing a chatbot that can diagonise or give a treatment…but first a user needs to register or sigh up, despite that registeration i want the bot to answer questions that are asked frequently without registeration… assume a user registers and asks question to get a treatment then by storing that question and if that question is asked by other users also many times then next time when the user comes without registering so that he can get the answer for it… can anyone help me with this idea…thanks

Hello Faiza,

Thank you for question!

Regarding your question on how to make your conversational assistant respond to frequently asked questions (FAQs), I think you might find very useful to read this part of our docs Chitchat and FAQs.

As a sidenote, in the title of your question you don’t have to mention that you need help from the community. If you are here, in the forum, it usually means that you need help in something :slight_smile: Related to that, you might find also interesting this video How to ask a great technical question | Rasa Tutorial which I found super useful!

@tiny_imod thanks…the reason I add that in the title is mostly it tooks people too long to respond to my question that’s why…since u r here now I also need urgent solution to the following question…

Assume I have this code
If slot_value=='something'   
          Dispatcher.utter_message(text="something" )

Elif slot_value =='something'

     Dispatcher.utter_message(template ="utter_somethig"

Elif slot_value =='something'


As u see in the code I can do a text , utter, and action display of the bot…but i want to perform a formaction based on slot value like different formaction based on slot value…how can we control that in a custom action???