Failed test stories for inform

I am getting failed test stories for a normal “inform” test scenario, even though it should be marked correct. How can I change my test stories to make it correct, or is it a bug?

Basically, my test scenario is as following:

- user: |
  I'm [Kyra]{"entity": "name", "value": "Kyra"}

  intent: inform

But I got the following complaint from Rasa test:

- intent: inform  # predicted: inform: I'm [Kyra] (name)[Kyra] (PERSON)

- name: Kyra

How do I make it not showing up in the failed_test_stories?

In gist, the difference between the real intent and the predicted intent is only that the predicted intent including entity extraction.

Here is the intent in my test story:

intent: inform

Here is the intent in the prediction:

predicted: inform: I’m [Kyra] (name) [Kyra] (PERSON)

I think that’s because PERSON is an entity extracted by a pretrained entity extractor as described here. Basically, there is no need to annotate pretrained entities in your test stories.