Multiple entity extractors does not work with Test stories

Hi. I am using spacy entity extractor for extracting names and also I have a lookup table(regex extractor). I also have diet classifier in my pipeline. So I have 3 entity extractors.

So when I write “my name is john”, 2 of my entity extractors extract the name “john” and convert this input to the following one in the interactive mode:

my name is johnjohn.

My problem is that, when I write test stories I should write something like this:

  • user: | My name is john intent: inform

But this does not work because rasa converts this user input to “my name is john” and expects to extract john. But my name is john sentence is recognized as follows:

my name is johnjohn.

Is there a way to disable entity checking in tests?

Also stories created by rasa x does not work in local mode