Facebook messages display but every one says 'Received a message from facebook that we can not handle'

Hi, I’ve connected a bot to a Facebook page and the bot is working ok in Messenger; ie messages display the (3) buttons display as expected. However, every utterance shows the same error; for example:

2020-03-03 15:08:45 WARNING rasa.core.channels.facebook - Received a message from facebook that we can not handle. Message: {‘sender’: {‘id’: ‘101691628112651’}, ‘recipient’: {‘id’: ‘3112037752142737’}, ‘timestamp’: 1583248124581, ‘message’: {‘mid’: ‘m_gpIULVEmOpV8vEqMhMkeqDjqMuNYCxKxDmC5OAkbEkI-Z-Zm5umfI7JyMGt1yiani8FcZojcYhs9TFMMJKlDnw’, ‘is_echo’: True, ‘text’: “What’s your email address?”, ‘app_id’: 1250588915131165}}

The service consists of 3 docker containers running on AWS using ngrok at the moment. The messages are simple text and don’t contain images. I can’t see what the issue is at the moment - anyone had this before? Thanks

Problem sorted - wasn’t sure which exact messages to subscribe to and ‘message_echos’ was enabled.

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Well, you could contact the official center to seek advice or ask what happens. Of course, you could also first try to fix this error on Facebook through professional third-party tools such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery, which can resolve most iOS issues without data loss.