Facebook message attachments

Hi I was able to send attachments to slack very easily. i use to create a json and pass it along like. dispatcher.utter_attachment(stores)

When I am trying the same with facebook I am receving the following in fb chat UI.

Attachment: [{'message': {'text': 'hi this is a test message for fbjson'}}]

Attachment: [{‘message’: {‘text’: ‘hi this is a test message for fbjson’}}]

This text is appearing in fb chat. I am trying to send image with button. If anyone manage to send an attachment , a small example or hint will be greatly appreciated.

I am sending this store_search_json = { “attachment”: { “type”: “image”, “payload”: { “url”: banner, “is_reusable”: “” } } }


and receiving this in chat boxx Attachment: {‘attachment’: {‘type’: ‘image’, ‘payload’: {‘is_reusable’: ‘’, ‘url’: ‘http://s3.amazonaws.com/loopzadmin/1535116407500_Capitalhypermarket.jpg’}}}

@MetcalfeTom Can you please give your thoughts.

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