How to customize facebook messenger buttons and send attachments?

I want to know how to customize facebook messenger buttons (URL button, Share button, Call button, etc) and how to send attachments (URL, File, Vídeos, etc)?

By default you can send images, and buttons like shown here: Domain Format. Videos can probably using done using the attachements key, by doing similar to this (did not try it out)


  - attachment: 
    - type: video
        url: <video_url>

@Tobias_Wochinger can you tell me how to pass images located in the local machine

eg: utter_image:

  • text: “This is the image.”

    image: “C:/Rasa/download.png”

@Chaitanya Thank you , I have tried in this way and getting response below… If you know how to fix this please let me know.

send your path of image

I used below format

- text: "Here is the analysis"
  image: "C:/Users/xyz/Desktop/ChatBot/New bot/Bot/plot.PNG"

For me it is working if the image is in other than desktop folder , Please try with other than desktop folder

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@Chaitanya Thank you very much for your response