Extract Object name entity

Hello Everyone,

I am trying out rasa for one of my application where I want to built a bot to help end-users. The ask would be provide quick details of application object like users, role etc. So here is a sample example of the training data.

Show me details of role admin details of user vinay

I am able to correct identify the object entity since that would be based out of a lookup table. The problem is the name entity. It can be any name the end user has entered but without any spaces. So it can be something like admin, vinay, test-role, user_test etc etc. I understand we would be some kind of regex to extract the name entity, but with a generic regex the complete statement keywords is marked as name entity. Can you please help me in understanding what is the correct way to get name entity extracted.

Thank You.

I would try a good list of examples (20-30) instead of a regex.