Export Rasa conversation as image/gif

I’m on a Rasa project on a company at Brazil, and I’m facing the following scenario: we are almost putting it on production to first tests, and I’m not able to use Rasa X directly on homolog by now. During my local tests on Rasa X dockerized, sometimes I print some conversations and send them to my team as a fast check of some behaviour, to generate discussions. However, some conversations do not fit on a print, depends on browser etc, so it would be nice to export a gif of conversation so we can share directly with people two.

I understand that not opting to use rasa x directly on homolog/production can be bad, since it is a very nice feature, and indeed I intend to deploy it there soon.

Hello @lgabs,

I’m from Brazil too, and what I would do if I needed to do this is to create a simple python program that would read the tracker database, plot the conversation as image and save them.

If you want to trade more ideas fell free to reach me out at https://www.linkedin.com/in/lluchini/


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