Exception occurred while handling uri:

when I run the rasa shell, I’m getting this error. Exception occurred while handling uri:

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Hey @skjainmiah, are you using socket channel?

Yes bro I’m using it to connect between Lan computers.

Hey @skjainmiah, can you share the screenshot of the console error logs?

I have attached the screen. Thank you Bro.

Hey @skjainmiah, sorry for the late reply. You want to test your bot on local system and share it within your local network, is that right?

And you are using the Rasa Webchat?

I will send you the code in which you can acces it within your network, will that work?

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Bro thank you so much bro also please help how to put into a website actually my professor says there is no chance of integrating Rasa in website as I believe we can. So I want to prove practically. Please help me. Thank you.

hey @skjainmiah, I have created a repository with instruction steps, test it out and let me know if this solves your problem:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Hey @skjainmiah, I hope your problem is solved, thanks for trying it out :blush:

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Bro you are awesome. I one thing stopping me from completing the project is how to put it in live website. I have a live website with domain and hosting now how to deploy and make it run 24/7. I’m not getting clarity how to do bro.

Which server are you using to host your website?

infinityfree webhosting bro

Hey @skjainmiah, thanks for letting me know, I will try it out and get back to you soon, I was unaware of https://infinityfree.net/ that provides free website hosting. Thanks. :+1::blush:

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I will be waiting for you bro. Actually it was the mostly searched question in Forum and hope you do that. Thanks for fast response bro.

Hey @skjainmiah, I see from this link that they don’t support python script so we won’t be able to deploy the app over this website since it can’t compile our python code.

Python request on ftp - Hosting Support - InfinityFree Forum

Is it ok for you to deploy your website on Google Cloud Platform?

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No problem bro I need solution. Thanks bro.

Ok I will create a video on it and share with the community soon. Is that ok?

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We all are waiting for that only bro. Thanks for doing video.

Okay, Give me sometime I will post the video soon :wink::+1:

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Thank you bro. Also share your YouTube link