Error while running rasa x

Hello everyone,

I am having problem while trying to run rasa x, while starting rasa x this type of error occur after few seconds: “An error occurred when trying to send the telemetry event: HTTPSConnectionPool(host=‘’, port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=2)”.

The rasa x will open in browser and when I go to chat with bot at conversation section I need to refresh the page several time at the end to be able to write anything down. After I start chatting with the bot for ex: “Hello there” the bot after showing this kind of message “There is no response here” it will reply correct after wards (it keep going this way, while I write down something and wait for the respond) (the timeout error will keep popping in terminal). Anyone knows any solution for this problem? Thank you!

p.s rasa shell works well

OS : MacOS Mojave

Hi @Nuredini, What version of Rasa X are you on, and how did you deploy it ? If you’re on anything greater than 0.28, I’d recommend upgrading to 0.28.3 because there were some important bugfixes in the latest patch.