Error while executing rasa init

2020-01-22 10:29:27 INFO rasa.core.policies.keras_policy - Fitting model with 126 total samples and a validation split of 0.1 Train on 126 samples Epoch 1/100 terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Xbyak::Error' what(): can't protect Aborted (core dumped)
I am getting this error while executing rasa init. What does this error tells us exactly and what are the ways to avoid this?

Can you share your config file?

1 # Configuration for Rasa NLU. 2 # Components 3 language: en 4 pipeline: supervised_embeddings 5
6 # Configuration for Rasa Core. 7 # Policies 8 policies: 9 - name: MemoizationPolicy 10 - name: KerasPolicy 11 - name: MappingPolicy

Please share the file as an attachment.

PFA config.yml (280 Bytes)

Please try the config file i have attached. I just tried fixing the indent in your file. Regardless, I’m not sure if that was the problem or not.

config.yml (274 Bytes)

I changed the config file.
But still I am getting the same error. And moreover, I didn’t write config file. It was generated by rasa init command.

Try removing and then installing rasa again.

I removed and reinstalled rasa but there was no improvement. Still getting the same error.

The error is probably due to TensorFlow and/ Keras version conflicts. I would recommend you to try creating a new conda environment and try again.

I am not using any conda environment