Error while building dialogue Model

I am trying to build the dialogue model with the help of commands that were given in the Make file which is inside the “starter-pack-rasa-stack”. It is showing one error like ‘’’ default: error: the following arguments are required: -c/–config ‘’’ Is the make file is a valid one or it needs to be updated Rasa NLU version : 0.13.7 Rasa core version : 0.12.0 Command i executed : python -m rasa_core.train -d domain.yml -s data/ -o models/current/dialogue --epochs 200

Hey @Harish0596. You get the error because the starterpack was built using a bit earlier verions of Rasa Core. To make sure everything works, you should install the libraries using requirements.txt file inside the repo.

Hey @Juste. I know RASA from past 9 months. One of the major issues that I am facing is with your updates. In the month of may, I have built a sample stable bot with the help of RASA stack. After a gap of 6 months i have updated RASA stack to the latest version and I feel there are major changes to the ML code mainly with the change of class and method names which breaks my previous code completely. This leads to a lot of re-work, effort and time. Kindly come up with a solution to avoid this kind of issues.