Error return of buttons in rasa webchat

Hi guys, I’m using GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront It is giving an error when sending the buttons to the user. Any suggestion?


@RodrigoLima what are you trying to archive with \n\n??

@RodrigoLima You want that your text or message comes in multiple lines??

@nik202 So these are the buttons that come from the database. They are in a list [{‘payload’: ‘/buttons{“subcategory”:“male”}’, ‘title’: ‘male’}, {‘payload’: ‘/buttons{“subcategory”:“female”}’, 'title ': ‘female’}, {‘payload’: ‘/buttons{“subcategory”:“endless”}’, ‘title’: ‘endless’}, {‘payload’: ‘/buttons{“subcategory”:"rovitex "}’, ‘title’: ‘rovitex’}]

In the other webchat model there is no error:

About the access of 8 companies in the same bot I did as follows: initPayload: ‘/typing_numbers{“wanted_item”:“3000”}’,

Thanks for the help on the other thread

@RodrigoLima I will comment tomorrow please, is that fine with you? It’s late in my time.

Ok. No problem.

@nik202 any ideia?

@RodrigoLima can you format the code? and share the code?

what format you want? any screenshot ?

The question about this webchat widget is when sending the buttons to the user, I can send them in list format or I have to send the items from within the list. In other chatbots this error does not occur

@RodrigoLima all good?

Hi! not yet, the error is going on when I send the buttons to the user but in other widgets it works

I don’t know if it’s because I’m sending a list when I should be sending one button at a time

@RodrigoLima can I see it online?

Tag me always @ nik202 :slight_smile:

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I’m going to turn on the ngrok

@RodrigoLima hahaha same here :stuck_out_tongue: online zoom or google meet?

google met

this is the best, I just haven’t found how to pass the parameter to the python class.

Is your chatbot reply?

What I should type?

3000 or 1000

the other with initpayload is giving error, working only on my pc. I’m checking what happens

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just a second

try now

It worked?