Error return of buttons in rasa webchat


Sorry, I had to turn off ngrok. now it’s on

This one I put the initpayload 3000. It will call the bot by itself. Just wait but it shows an error when sending the buttons

First link: Jitesh

Second Link: Chatroom

Third Link: (my personal fav widget) Webchat

Link 2 and 3 give you results, then what is the issue?

I don’t know what could have happened. Here it worked


link 2

link 3 give a erro to send de buttons

it gave an error but did not close the actions

@RodrigoLima which one gives you the result best?

Share me domain and stories files. Maybe you messed up with the payload and trigger.

Please check the above links which you mentioned with the image is not right.

@RodrigoLima mention link with name which giving error?

@RodrigoLima chatroom works fine while clicking the buttons.

@RodrigoLima Which one showing issue?

@RodrigoLima In rasa/webchat paste this;

   socketUrl: "http://localhost:5005",
    customMessageDelay: (message) => {
    let delay = message.length * 30;
    if (delay > 3 * 200) delay = 3 * 200;
    if (delay < 100) delay = 100;
    return delay;
    socketPath: "/",

This Custom message Delay will increase the speed of replies :slight_smile: and will save your time in testing.

@nik202 I like

my server has open cdn: Chatbot Widget in incognito mode.

I liked the first 2 the problem is that I couldn’t initpayload on them

I will send you the print of the files

your favorite. :laughing:

this is the rule that sends the buttons. The buttons are made in the custom action, they are different for each client.

But, first one you can customise but only one issue it will not work on dynamic website and only work on static website (personal experience)

This one I agree is good with Voice Assistance, but I never tried to customized and it don’t have proper Chatbot feel (My personal choice)

Last, Botfront/Webchat, you can asked anything with regards, as I have done maximum work on this and Jitesh one too.

i will try this

@RodrigoLima share custom action file for button for only particular section please, which language is this :stuck_out_tongue:

@RodrigoLima Example for Bottfront Automatic reply, try implement:


 - story: welcome path1
      - intent: get_started
      - action: utter_welcome_message


  - get_started

    - text: |
        "Hello! I'm you Technical Assistant.

Snippet code Botfront:

initPayload: "/get_started",

Easy Pezy!

You can even share the buttons also after the welcome message as the menu :wink:

For Sending buttons after welcome message:

 - story: welcome path1
      - intent: get_started
      - action: utter_welcome_message
      - action: utter_menu
    - buttons:
        - payload: /one
          title: '1'
        - payload: /two
          title: '2'
        - payload: /three
          title: '3'
      text: Select the topic or write your question below.

Got it?


ok, This is a good widget too, I saw that the developer created the direct access to the custom action but I don’t know how to pass the value of a slot/entity along with the action

@RodrigoLima have you seen this? Responses | SLOT FILLING WITH BUTTONS IN RASA CHATBOT | INNOVATE YOURSELF - YouTube (2.x but concept is same) | Slots Set By Clicking Buttons - #2 by ActuallyAcey | Slot Setting and Filling from Button · Issue #2525 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

Go one step at a time ok and I know you can do.

@nik202 portugues :slight_smile:

How do I send the buttons: 1 - Access to the database and return with the buttons for sending

database return result:

[{‘payload’: ‘/buttons{“subcategory”:“male”}’, ‘title’: ‘male’}, {‘payload’: ‘/buttons{“subcategory”:“female”}’, 'title ': ‘female’}, {‘payload’: ‘/buttons{“subcategory”:“endless”}’, ‘title’: ‘endless’}, {‘payload’: ‘/buttons{“subcategory”:"rovitex "}’, ‘title’: ‘rovitex’}]

then send to user

data = complements.botoes_intencao_entidade(list_output)

    buttons = complements.funcao_gerar_butoes(last_page, data[0], data[1], 2)

It will not work. The idea is that each customer already has their code (1000,2000,3000) and that information goes in the initpayload. That’s why your widget got better